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Rediscovering Different Brewing Methods

December, 2015


Rediscovering Different Brewing Methods

With unique sensory experiences, the rediscovery of the different coffee brewing methods is revolutionizing sophisticated consumers’ habits. Affordable prices of equipment for these methods also contribute to their growing popularity.

The range of methods to brew a good cup of coffee is wide and possibilities are virtually endless. The new standards imposed by the third wave of coffee shops have enabled to develop coffee as a highly sophisticated product, fostering experimentation through taste and smell to appreciate not only the intrinsic attributes of the bean, but how the different processing stages, from crop to cup, influence the range of aromas and flavors.

According to recent studies by Datamonitor, a series of behaviors contribute to growth of the different brewing methods. One of the most influential trends concerning such methods as Chemex, Aeropress, Dripper and V60 is millennials’ preference for products involving the do-it-yourself process. Millennials who prefer new consumption experiences are the major customers in third-wave coffee shops, which rediscovered brewing methods to customize sensory experiences.

As a result, many young consumers have sought to replicate at home their out-of-home experiences. Therefore, stores specializing in housewares such as Bed Bath & Beyond have started marketing methods such as Chemex and Hario’s V60.

In any case, young consumers aren’t the only ones demanding variety in brewing methods. The vertiginous pace of life, with long work schedules, has led people to want less and less to leave home (this type of behavior is called cocooning). Consumers in countries such as the United States, where the coffee culture has been evolving for a long time, are used to drink good-quality coffee out of home; that’s why single-serve machines, with the convenience of brewing such coffees as latte or macchiato at home, have had great acceptance in recent years. Compared to single-serve machines, manual methods are disadvantageous regarding convenience, because they require more time and effort to prepare a cup of coffee.

Anyway, manufacturers of equipment for these methods are creating solutions to this problem: Chemex and Hario already sell machines that simulate traditional brewing. According to Euromonitor, this will help significantly boost sales of these products.

However these manual brewing methods have unique advantages over other methods: the most notable one is that they are much cheaper. Whereas a single-serve machine can cost between $ 80 and $ 150, prices of different manual methods range between $ 15 and $ 50.

In the medium term, popularity and variety of coffee brewing methods are expected to grow significantly.

It’s important to remind that unique attributes of Café de Colombia’s wide variety of origins, including regional Denominations of Origin, are exceptionally highlighted with this variety of brewing methods.

That being said, for members of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program, it can be of great help to keep in mind this trend and explore which is the method that better highlights their coffee’s features. The following table summarizes which attributes are highlighted by some of the best-known coffee brewing methods.


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