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President of Coca-Cola Japan Travels to the Origin of Café de Colombia

August, 2016


President of Coca-Cola Japan Travels to the Origin of Café de Colombia

The executive highlights the benefits of the partnership with the FNC, including the joint use of the brand Emerald Mountain, owned by the Colombian coffee growers, for canned ready-to-drink coffee that leads the Japanese market.

Tim Brett, President of Coca-Cola Japan, recently visited Colombia to know firsthand the work and dedication of Colombian coffee growers.

The value creation strategy of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) in Japan has had as cornerstone the use of high-quality coffees and intellectual property.

The brand Emerald Mountain, owned by the Colombian coffee growers, not only leads reputation of Colombian specialty coffees in the Japanese market, but since 1994 has enabled, in partnership with Coca-Cola Japan, to produce the emblematic ready-to-drink canned coffee Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend, the leading product in the Japanese market with annual sales of over 630 million cans.

The relationship between Coca-Cola and the FNC has been strengthened over the years through development of joint initiatives in terms of sustainability and supply chain efficiency, showing how a global company can create value for its customers, also benefiting coffee growers with a better income.

During his visit, Brett was accompanied by the presidents of the six bottlers of Coca-Cola in Japan, who visited Colombia for the first time. During his visit to the coffee region of Caldas department, Brett highlighted the partnership that the multinational and the FNC have kept in Japan for over two decades, as well as the FNC’s work to benefit Colombian coffee growers.

Brett also met with the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez. This happy partnership between Coca-Cola Japan and the FNC is also a genuine synergy: more than adding value, it is a multiplication of value.

On the one hand, it capitalizes on the Emerald Mountain brand, launched in Japan in 1970, on the occasion of the Osaka World Expo, as a synonym of Colombian premium coffee in the Japanese market, where it has achieved wide recognition.

On the other hand, it capitalizes on Coca-Cola Japan’s wide experience in making and marketing of drinks, which includes the canned ready-to-drink coffee Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend, marketed in different presentations and that is leader in that market.

We invite other members of the 100% Program to continue, together with Café de Colombia, capitalizing on intrinsic attributes and added-value features that multiply benefits for their brands, customers, consumers and Colombian coffee growers themselves.


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