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Packaging Reflects Diversity and Unique Identity of Colombian Specialty Coffees

October, 2016


Packaging Reflects Diversity and Unique Identity of Colombian Specialty Coffees

Within the wide range of specialty coffees offered by Colombia, packaging increasingly bets on beautiful differentiated designs that contribute to highlight identity and unique attributes of each coffee.

In the case of Cauca, for example, a multi-ethnic and multicultural department, packaging includes “nasa” motifs that clearly reflect this diversity.

“In Cauca, there is presence of various indigenous ethnic groups, such as paeces (nasas),  guambianos, and totoroes, and with design we want to represent this diversity, supported mostly by the paéz culture of Tierra Adentro,” says Harold Rodríguez, of the Cauca Coffee Growers Committee’s specialty coffee program.

“We have indigenous designs, taking advantage of the fact that the department is very rich in that issue,” he added.

Higher sophistication of packaging design is taking place in all Colombian departments, in line with global industry trends, as packaging plays a very important role when choosing a coffee.

Packaging seeks to convey to consumers relevant information about origin, cup profile, certifications and sustainability standards (economic, social or environmental), and even meet standards such as that of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A rich palette of colors is also key in packaging.

It is worth reminding that the 2016 trends report of the US National Coffee Association (NCA) revealed that origin is the second information on the package that most influences purchase decision, only after roasting level, according to 61% of consumers.

The information contained in a coffee package also helps buyers know to what extent this coffee is in tune with their own consumption values, in which ethics and sustainability weigh more and more.

The great diversity of Colombian coffees, coupled with multicultural and multi-ethnic richness of the regions producing them, may result of great interest to members of the 100% Café de Colombia program, because of the great potential of added value all this represents.

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