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Nariño, Cauca & Huila, regional Denominations of Origin delegated to the FNC

December, 2013


Nariño, Cauca & Huila, regional Denominations of Origin delegated to the FNC

The measure is a recognition of soundness of coffee institutions to promote protection and implementation of Denominations of Origin for Café de Colombia, what in turn is part of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation’s value-added, differentiation and defense-of-the-origin strategy.

Colombia’s Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) delegated to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) the management of “Café de Nariño”, “Café de Cauca” and “Café de Huila” Denominations of Origin (DO).

“This is a great progress in the strategy of positioning and value-added generation for these regional coffees, both in Colombia and abroad, where consumers increasingly demand products protected by denominations of origin for the benefit of our coffee growers’ income,” said Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, by making the announcement during the last LXXIX National Coffee Congress.

The measure is a recognition of soundness of coffee institutions for the management of Café de Colombia Denominations of Origin, what in turn is part of the FNC’s value-added, differentiation and defense-of-the-origin strategy for Café de Colombia and its different regional origins.

On the other hand, Café de Colombia’s 100% Program announces to its members that the formal request for “Café de Santander” to be also recognized as a Protected Denomination of Origin has already been filed before the SIC. This is the result of an intense work of many years to characterize and deeply know the relationship between agroclimatic and human features of that region and the cup profile of coffee produced there.

It is also important to highlight that this year Bolivia’s National Intellectual Property Service (SENAPI) declared protection of “Café de Nariño” and “Café del Cauca” Denominations of Origin and similarly Peru’s National Institute for Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) declared protection of “Café de Nariño” DO.

What is and what a Denomination of Origin is for?

A Denomination of Origin (DO) is a distinctive sign consisting of a specific geographic name used to identify a product that comes from a certain origin, and whose quality is directly connected to such origin.

To achieve recognition for the protection of a DO it is not enough to present a request to authorities of the country where that protection is claimed. It is also necessary to demonstrate through data, information and documents the connection between the origin and quality of the product. Therefore not any product from a specific origin is recognized as a DO.

Not only applying for recognition of a DO requires a great effort, in this case by the Federation, but obtaining its delegated management, just as the SIC has done for the three regional origins, means a great confidence in the Federation’s ability and responsibility for its correct management in defense of producers.

Denominations of Origin are thus a way of legal defense that allows guaranteeing customers and consumers that a product described as a DO complies with quality processes and requirements associated with that denomination, starting by the fact that it effectively comes from the origin region described. Thus, the consumer can trust what he or she buys and the producer is fairly compensated for his or her efforts in producing a product of superior quality that fulfills standards of the denomination.

Any imitation or evocation of the DO without being authorized, or not meeting the legal requisites for its use, constitutes an infringement of legal norms of the country where a Denomination is protected.

In the case of Denominations of Origin for Café de Colombia and its regional origins, it has been shown that quality of the product corresponds not only to specific conditions of the region climate, localization and environmental offer, but to support and quality control in each of the production processes associated with the product.

Denominations of Origin are one of diverse instruments to ensure or guarantee the origin of a product. Other legal instrument is the Protected Geographical Indication, which the European Union and Switzerland have granted to Café de Colombia. North America’s countries recognize Café de Colombia as a Certification Mark, whereas complementary programs for origin guarantee have been designed in all continents through Ingredient Brand.

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