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Importance of a Good Coffee in the Workplace

February, 2015


Importance of a Good Coffee in the Workplace

Surveys and studies agree on the importance of coffee consumed in the office for good performance of workers.

According to results of a recent survey released by Keurig Green Mountain, American coffee roaster and manufacturer of single-cup coffee brewers, coffee plays a very important role for good performance in the workplace.


89% of the 843 surveyed office workers said that a good cup of coffee can make their entire workday better. Without their daily cup of coffee, coffee drinkers can feel a range of negative emotions: exhausted (36%), irritable (35%), unproductive (30%), disorganized (20%) or forgetful (14%).

85% of respondents said having coffee with a client or colleague can be a great way of building relationships. And while the majority of coffee drinkers (84%) agree having good coffee in the office is an important perk, more than half (52%) wish their company would get better quality coffee for their office.


Coffee usually brings people together and is a good way to connect with coworkers. According to the survey one in five office workers (19%) say their colleagues do their best brainstorming or collaborating around the office coffee machine.

In addition office workers say they like visiting the office coffee machine to catch up with co-workers (37%), interact with their boss in a more casual way (16%), brainstorm or collaborate with others on a project (13%) or spark their own creativity (9%).

On the other hand, the 2014 National Coffee Drinking Trends study by the National Coffee Association (NCA) reveals that the workplace coffee area, with 14%, remains the main place where coffee is prepared outside home, followed by coffee shops, with 12%.



The NCA study also shows that only 42% of the 2,741 respondents are “very satisfied” with their coffee options at work, which means there is still an opportunity to provide options to increase employee satisfaction.

Between 2013 and 2014, the desire for single-cup brewers and instant coffee machines in the workplace both increased from 32% to 36% and from 6 to 10%, respectively, while the desire for drip coffee makers sharply fell from 34% to 27%.


Taking into account the figures of these studies and surveys, combined with the fact that Colombia is still the most recognized origin in the United States (85%), can help the 100% Program brands be increasingly relevant in the different consumption occasions for their customers and consumers.



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