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illy Launches its First 100% Café de Colombia Monoarabica Origin

October, 2013


illy Launches its First 100% Café de Colombia Monoarabica Origin

The well-known Italian company launches, under its new product line illy Monoarabica™, the first reference with 100% Colombian Coffee Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The talent and experience of Colombian coffee growers have motivated one of the leading firms in terms of quality in the world to make the decision to enhance its origin line with a unique product for its customers and consumers. For Café de Colombia, with its long tradition as the world’s best mild coffee, it is very satisfactory that illy, the famous Italian roaster, which is recognized for its expertise, has chosen the only coffee origin recognized in Europe as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for its line of monoarabicas.

Colombian coffee growers will be looking forward to illy’s launch of its new 100% Colombian Monoarabica into the market, starting in Italy. Illy´s consumers will now have a differentiated origin coffee, perfect for espresso preparations.

With a rich culture around coffee, illy also offers artist cups and accessories, among other products and services, including the Coffee University (Università del caffè). As part of this expertise, and aware of Colombia’s potential as a source of high-quality coffee, Café de Colombia was almost an obliged choice for its increasing and varied coffee supply.


Illy Monocarabica Colombia thus becomes a path that gives expert consumers new ways to explore, in a different form, the intrinsic characteristics of its products, derived from specific soil, altitude, rainfall and sunlight conditions: aroma, flavor and body that vary from region to region.

The organoleptic cup profile of the new product is described as follows: rich flavor, medium to full body that exalts the perfect balance between sweet, sour and acid, with notes of caramel and dried fruit, and delicate whispers of chocolate.

The product distribution will begin in Italy by mid October through the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes), small specialized retailers and illy’s own e-shop. During Christmas season it will be available on the US e-shop, among other channels.

This new illy Monoarabica line also reflects the growing importance of origin coffees as a differentiated offer in the global market, which Café de Colombia has strongly promoted as part of its added-value and differentiation strategy.


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