No 30

How the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation CEO is Elected

August, 2015


How the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation CEO is Elected

Openness, suitability, transparency, democracy and impartiality are the principles that guide the process for election of Café de Colombia CEO.

Recently the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) began a process to elect its new Chief Executive Officer under procedures, criteria and principles clearly established, which we want to share with members of the 100% Program in this issue.

The FNC’s statutes clearly establish the procedure to follow. After assessing a list of 19 candidates proposed by FNC members, the Coffee Growers Steering Committee selected eight candidates with the best credentials to represent the Colombian coffee growers based on the established criteria and profile.

From this list of eight candidates, the National Coffee Growers Committee (made up of representatives of the country’s 15 departmental committees and the Ministers of Finance; Agriculture and Rural Development; Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the National Planning Director) defined a shortlist of three candidates that will be presented to the National Congress of Coffee Growers, the highest decision-making body of the FNC, who will finally elect the new CEO.

The Steering Committee decided to carry out a process under the same fundamental principles that have always governed the FNC: openness, suitability, transparency, democracy and impartiality.

The Steering Committee launched an open call so that anyone interested in running for the position could do so freely.

The CEO position of the country’s most important coffee institution and one of the strongest in the world needs to meet some requirements that guarantee suitability of the person who will take over this important responsibility. Each candidate must have sufficient merits in the public and private life to represent the more than 560,000 Colombian coffee-growing families.

Therefore, the Steering Committee defined a position profile with high knowledge, expertise and capacity requirements, as well as respect for the FNC’s internal rules and regulations, which must be met by all those aspiring to responsibly represent more than 560,000 coffee-growing families and Colombia’s flagship product.

Definition and extensive communication of the position profile and suitability criteria, known in advance by the interested parties, as well as the opening to receive nominations, confirm the transparency with which the Steering Committee has decided to carry out this process in the eyes of all coffee growers, FNC employees and the country.

It is important to remind that the final decision on the election of who will assume the CEO position lies exclusively in the Departmental Committees and their delegates to the National Congress of Coffee Growers, who were all democratically elected last year, in the country’s most important electoral process at a guild level. Those delegates will select the new CEO, with total autonomy and without participation of any actor different from the elected coffee-growing representatives.


Finally, it should be noted that all employees of the FNC and its branches have always respected the governing principle of impartiality in a process of exclusive guild nature. All the three candidates of the list selected by the National Committee will receive the same relevant information about the coffee-growing institutions, the FNC programs and the Strategic Plan approved last year by the National Congress of Coffee Growers.

In addition, to facilitate presentation of the three candidates’ proposals, the FNC administration, following the guidelines set by the Steering Committee, will put at their disposal all the channels of communication with coffee growers in an identical and impartial way.

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