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Georgia Emerald Mountain Japan Highlights Colombian Coffee Growers’ Work in Ad Campaign

April, 2015


Georgia Emerald Mountain Japan Highlights Colombian Coffee Growers’ Work in Ad Campaign

To promote its flagship drink, Coca-Cola Japan launched a new advertising campaign focused on the Colombian coffee growers’ work and commitment, as well as quality linked to the origin.

The campaign not only highlights quality of all stages of the Colombian coffee production process (cultivation, handpicking, wet processing and final selection), but passion and effort behind cultivation of the highest-quality coffee.

The concept is the continuation of the previous campaign, which used the slogan “the world is made by someone’s effort”, which in Japan was based on the effort of Japanese workers in different areas, and is now linked to efforts by the Colombian coffee growers, who produce coffee of the highest quality.

Georgia Emerald Mountain is the number-one beverage in Japan in the ready to drink (RTD) segment.

In addition to improving roasting of coffee used as input, the image of the can was renewed, clearly showing Café de Colombia’s logo, which generates a very good exposure to the Colombian coffee growers’ brand in the growing Asian market.

For developing the marketing campaign, a TV commercial and a documentary were filmed in Colombia with the support of Colombian Coffee.



In the last LXXX National Coffee Growers Congress, Takashi Wasa, Coca-Cola Japan Vice President, stressed that the Colombian coffee growers’ commitment and work, and quality of the coffee they produce, are an important differential attribute.

In 2014, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its flagship beverage with a special edition made with 100% Colombian coffee beans.

Such campaigns as Georgia Emerald Mountain’s recognize Café de Colombia as one of the most sought-after and prestigious origins worldwide, and provide consumers and the industry in general with awareness on differentiation and quality.


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