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ExpoEspeciales Confirms it is the Most Important Coffee Fair in Latin America

October, 2014


ExpoEspeciales Confirms it is the Most Important Coffee Fair in Latin America

From coffee producers to consumers, all actors of the value chain gathered to do business, know and discuss trends and major innovations in the coffee market. The coffee Business Matchmaking Forum achieved sales of USD 1.6 million and additional business expectations of USD 10.8 million.

ExpoEspeciales, Latin America’s largest specialty coffee exhibition that ended recently in Medellín, Colombia, once again allowed visitors to get up to date on main trends in the segment of high-quality coffees.

With potential buyers from North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Germany, Spain and Belgium) and Japan, as well as from emerging markets of growing consumption, such as China and South Korea, and new markets such as Lithuania, during the first Business Matchmaking Forum, organized by Café de Colombia and the Proexport governmental agency, 528 face-to-face meetings took place, concreting sales of USD 1.6 million and additional business expectations of USD 10.8 million for specialty coffee producers seeking direct sales to clients in all the world.

It is worth reminding that this macro Business Matchmaking Forum is part of an alliance between the two entities to train and facilitate access of producers interested in directly selling their coffee to new markets. The process includes 54 seminars and training workshops for coffee growers that have been conducted in 10 producing regions throughout the year. A total of 7,000 farmers are expected to have been trained on issues of international trade by late 2014 thanks to this partnership.

Quality and differentiation were key messages of the academic agenda
As part of the academic agenda of ExpoEspeciales, the great response of visitors to the seminar on Denominations of Origin (DO) must be highlighted. The seminar was held with the collaboration of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), and experts from different countries agreed on highlighting DOs as positive development models for the benefits they bring to producers and their regions.

In other conferences it was also emphasized that quality and differentiation, such as those promoted by Cafe de Colombia, are adequate and successful strategies.

Important business contacts
The fair, which hosted an interesting trade show on 1,200 square meters, allowed the 71 exhibitors to make big business, from brand positioning, through sale of equipment and supplies, to materialization of large and interesting businesses in Colombia and abroad.

“ExpoEspeciales and the Coffee-Growing Women Program stand were an excellent showcase to display our product, gain customers and also learn from colleagues,” acknowledged Rosa Elena López, a producer from Aguadas, Caldas, and Mucafe, an association of 30 coffee-growing women.

Signing for quality
On the other hand, Café de Colombia and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) signed, within the framework of the fair, a memorandum of understanding that encompasses three basic points: 1. Certification of Q coffees, so that those with the highest qualifications, i.e., more than 85 points, may be marketed to buyers interested in them with important quality premiums. 2. Courses for coffee cuppers who in the end can graduate as Q graders, and 3. Training on quality for producers.





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