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Digital Campaign The Bean Bang Theory is Very Well Received in North America

August, 2015


Digital Campaign The Bean Bang Theory is Very Well Received in North America

The figures of impacts and visits to June 30 are very positive. The 100% Colombian Coffee Program’s campaign has helped remind American consumers about the importance of the origin of Colombian coffee and its relationship with its differential quality attributes.

The digital campaign The Bean Bang Theory, launched by Café de Colombia by mid-February in the United States and Canada to promote the origin as a synthesis of the coffee differential factors, has been very well received in these markets.

Café de Colombia’s social networks have now a great American public. To date “Café de Colombia Worldwide”, the official Facebook page of the program (focused on English-speaking users), has over 152,000 followers, of which at least 90% are from the United States and Canada. Similarly, the @CafedColombiaWW account on twitter has more than 15,000 followers, mostly American.

To June 30, the microsite has received nearly 49,000 visits, of which more than 2,600 have been via the Café de Colombia app that enables to locate the 100% brands in the world.

The campaign’s hashtag #MindTheBean has had 9.8 million impressions on Twitter (over a goal of 5 million). In addition, the promotional videos of the campaign, via the different communication channels, have had a total of 4.1 million views when the original goal was 2 million views.

Other means used by the campaign to reach consumers were bloggers, who were contacted through a strategy of influence. Publications about the campaign by this means have had, until July 2015, over 4.7 million impressions in total. The campaign has significantly exceeded the targeted goals.


With a fresh and innovative concept, this digital marketing campaign is targeting coffee enthusiasts, mainly millennials in the United States, a market where Colombia is the most recognized origin for coffee drinkers. The campaign reminds people about importance of the origin and highlights the Colombian coffee unique attributes.

A quiz to test the user’s knowledge about Colombian coffee is available on the microsite, reinforcing the message we want to convey. Furthermore, the results can be shared on social networks and 80% of people who answered it actually did so. We invite our licensees to also test their knowledge about Colombian coffee by answering this quiz.



The objective of the campaign is to strengthen the preference for 100% Colombian coffee in the North American market, primarily among consumers between 18 and 35 years old, taking into account their high potential in consumption growth. In 2014, coffee consumption by young people between 18 and 24 years old showed the highest growth compared to other age groups: 10% from 2013.


The #MindtheBean hashtag reminds consumers that the bean matters: who grows it, how and where, and how these factors make Café de Colombia unique.

After extensive research to understand the coffee consumer, we discovered that young consumers are thirsty for coffee knowledge. Particularly millennials, who are more connected than ever and looking to be better informed.

Maintaining and strengthening the good positioning of Colombian coffee, based on its unique quality attributes associated with the origin, in markets of such importance as the United States, translates into higher demand that directly benefits Colombian farmers and 100% Colombian Coffee brands.

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