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Consumption Sensations & Experiences around Coffee

April, 2014


Consumption Sensations & Experiences around Coffee

A personalized and differentiated coffee, information on the origin, flavor, simplicity, product innovation and consumption satisfaction are some important variables coming into play in consumer’s purchase choices.

Consumption sensations and experiences depend on countless variables, but a personalized and differentiated coffee, information on the origin, flavor, simplicity, product innovation and consumption satisfaction are some weight variables coming into play in purchase choices, according to studies performed by Datamonitor on sensory fusion and experimentation for the hot drinks category.

Personalized and Differentiated Coffee

Given the growing trend to consume coffee at home, the key for roasted coffee brands is allowing consumers to choose exactly the product they want and the flavor that satisfies them the most through a wide variety of presentations aiming at different tastes.

“Now, when you drink a coffee, you are not looking for a simple coffee,
but for your coffee, the one you like, the flavor you prefer.”
Xavier Unkovic, Mars Drinks CEO

Part of differentiation perceived by consumers is based on knowledge of the story behind flavors they experience; hence the importance of recognized certifications such as UTZ, USDA, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, 4C and authorizations of use of Protected Geographical Indications.

According to a survey by the National Coffee Association (NCA) on coffee drinking trends, 23% of coffee drinkers aged 18+ identify the USDA Organic seal, 21% Fair Trade and 17% Rainforest Alliance, whereas such certifications as UTZ and Conservation International are less known.

All these tools allow consumers to know the background of products they buy. Unique details such as farmer’s name, story, cultivation place or incidence of environment on the product also translate into a “special” experience, which can be offered only by coffee brands they choose.

Importance of flavor

According to Datamonitor’s consumer insight research, flavor, with 78%, is the top attribute for consumers of hot drinks at choosing a product, followed by such attributes as price (61%), perception of a healthy drink (59%) or one with natural ingredients (57%), whereas such considerations as cost-benefit (45%) and energetic benefits (39%) are the last on the scale.



After NCA’s statistics, most popular additives so that consumers achieve their preferred flavor are whiteners and sweeteners. In fact, 34% of coffee is flavored with some additive.

Revolution of foodpairing

In the field of gastronomy, foodpairing (a method for flavor combination that allows knowing possible combinations of thousands of ingredients with Colombian coffee) revolutionized sensations to be experienced by coffee consumers, as it highlights versatility of the beverage and significantly transforms the way of consuming and enjoying it.

Café de Colombia’s diverse cup profiles find their pairs at a wide range of ingredients, and gastronomic experience can be even more exquisite if they are combined with appropriate flavors.

Foodpairing (see pop up window) works as a multiplier of experiences and sensations and gives as result an unlimited number of consumption possibilities for Café de Colombia from the diverse cup profiles and different regional origins it offers.

New products, better experiences

Given the multiple purposes of coffee drinking, such as a strong coffee in the morning that “invigorates” or a softer one in mid-afternoon to “relax”, it is possible to create products and better experiences for each of the different moments throughout the day or special occasions along the year.

A product that offers sensation of exclusiveness makes consumers think it is made for them, allowing them to choose their preferred origin in a supermarket, for instance.

Many coffee brands have developed single packages with different origins that allow consumers a quicker and easier choice, which better suits their taste.



Café de Colombia’s quality, origin, differentiation and added value, among other features, make it easier for the 100% Program members to improve their offer to match these sensory and experience requirements by hot drinks consumers.

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