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Consumption of Gourmet Coffee Still Strong, a Trend Despite Economic Uncertainty

November, 2011


Consumption of Gourmet Coffee Still Strong, a Trend Despite Economic Uncertainty

Studies ratify consumers’ continuous interest in buying this kind of gourmet beverages, even if it means cutting down on other household expenses.

In their study on consumer trends in the Unites States, the NCA (National Coffee Association of USA) defines Gourmet Coffee as: traditional – gourmet coffee and espresso based beverages, including cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, cafés mocha and macchiatos. This time we want to highlight that said definition includes traditional cold or hot beverages that are “prepared from ground or whole Premium Coffee.” From this definition’s standpoint, Colombian Coffee is, without a doubt, essential in what the consumer considers “Premium Coffee” to be.

The National Coffee Drinking Trends Study published in 2011makes evident that the coffee category is still growing, and the specialty or gourmet coffee segment continues to evolve as an answer to the shift in expectations and preferences of consumers. In spite of the economic crisis, consumers keep demanding quality coffee both in and out of home. Likewise, coffee houses (specialty coffee shops) and the growth in the barista community are still setting trends in consumption, being the espresso-based beverages the most representative in the gourmet product sub-types.

Graph 1. Coffee Penetration by Gourmet Product sub-type


Source: National Coffee Drinking Trends Study 2011.

The survey shows that 80% of consumers claim not having modified their coffee intake due to their financial conditions and only 17% changed their consumption habits outside of their households. In other words, better quality coffee is demanded for in-house consumption.

Graph 2. % change in consumption habits due to personal finances


Fuente: National Coffee Drinking Trends Study 2011.

The relevance of the Gourmet Coffee consumption in the market despite the uncertainty in the current economic environment ratifies that consumers wish to maintain the beverage quality, even when this means reducing their expenses in other aspects of the household. Without a doubt this is good news for members of the 100% Colombian Program.


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