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Colombian Coffee Growers Traveled to the SCAA Expo

June, 2016


Colombian Coffee Growers Traveled to the SCAA Expo

Colombian coffee farmers who took part in the last SCAA specialty coffee expo in the United States, one of the most important in the world and where Café de Colombia is always present, tell their experience briefly.

International expos such as the SCAA event are important spaces for Colombian coffee farmers to show their high-quality coffees to clients from around the world. In addition, these events enable them to tune with global industry trends and make them aware of the importance of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) as an organization.

Colombian coffee growers were able to travel to the last edition of the SCAA expo, which took place in April in Atlanta, Georgia, with the support of the FNC, which promotes production of highest-quality coffees and helps them climb the value chain for their benefit and their families’.

We invite members of the 100% Program not only to get to know the testimonials and experiences of four of them, but to meet the growing portfolio of specialty coffees offered by Café de Colombia.
Let’s remind that, as a result of its quality, differentiation and added-value strategies to improve producers’ profitability, 60% of coffees traded by the FNC are added-value (industrialized and specialty) coffees.

Multiple high-quality coffee contests at domestic (such as the first “Colombia, Land of Diversity” competition), departmental and municipal levels have encouraged production of specialty coffees and helped make them visible in the eyes of demanding customers.

image Name: Argemira Torres de Sánchez
Department: Huila
Municipal Rural District (“Vereda”): La Lindosa
Farm: Santa Lucía
Coffee hectares: 4 ha, Castillo variety.

“I was able to take part in SCAA because I was the winner of the competition of microlots held in La Plata, Huila. By winning the first place, the FNC brought me to the expo.”

“What I have liked the most at the expo is meeting people from all over the world, and finding many Colombians.”

image Name: Claribeth Navarro
Department: Magdalena
Municipal Rural District (“Vereda”): La Florida
Farm: Las Inojas
Coffee hectares: 10 ha, Castillo variety.

“I am an arhuaca native of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; I’ve been working with the FNC for eight years, representing an association of indigenous coffee growers called “Organic FLO” and I am part of the board of directors of Caficosta (Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the Coast) as president of the board.”

“I came to this expo because of the work we’ve been doing as an organization. I was given the opportunity to come to know this expo, the most important for specialty coffees, where one meets many customers and promotes coffees from Colombia and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.”

“It’s worth coming to an expo such as SCAA because it’s a place where one can talk to customers and make them fall in love with the story behind each of our coffees. Behind our coffee there is a lot of spirituality. When we plant it or handpick it, we as arhuacos ask the Earth that coffee is healthy for and fills with energy the people who drink it.”

image Name: Juan de Jesús Torres
Department: Magdalena
Municipal Rural District: Siberia
Farm: Siberia/Ciénaga
Coffee hectares: 4 ha, Castillo variety.

“I hadn’t thought of coming to the SCAA expo even in dreams, but now I see this wonderful reality thanks to this great coffee world that has given us so much and is of great value and estimation, so this has been a dream come true.”

I reached this expo because I won the Cup of Quality of Magdalena competition, by which I come on behalf of all Magdalena coffee growers and from my region, Siberia.”

“The big secret to win that competition was to dedicate love to the work I do and be aware that this precious coffee fruit is a very special drink worldwide, so one must have the best techniques to produce and process coffee to make it of optimum quality.”

image Name: Fabio Jujoa
Department: Nariño
Municipal Rural District: El Chiltal Bajo
Farm: Buena Vista
Coffee hectares: 1.5 ha

“I come from La Unión, Nariño, in southern Colombia, where the best coffee in the world is produced. Thanks to the FNC, I had the opportunity to come to know the different coffee cultures from around the world.”

“They are many good things to take to our farmers: it was a nice experience, there are different things to learn, but the special message I want to carry is that we, as coffee organization, are super organized compared to other countries: one speaks with coffee growers from other countries and they don’t have the organization we have for coffee farming.”

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