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Café del Cauca: the New Special Edition by Tim Hortons

June, 2015


Café del Cauca: the New Special Edition by Tim Hortons

The important chain Tim Hortons joins other major industry players in North America, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, which promote Café de Colombia and its regional origins through a product portfolio classified by origins.

As part of a promotional campaign, the Canadian multinational fast food chain Tim Hortons  recently launched to the market a limited, special edition of 100% Colombian coffee, Three Peaks™, with Café del Cauca.

Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest chain of fast food restaurants (with presence in the United States and the Persian Gulf region), thus confirms the importance that major industry players give to the coffee origin and the organoleptic properties the origin gives to the bean.

This achievement is also the result of Café de Colombia’s quality, differentiation, value added and promotion of the origin strategies for the benefit of Colombian farmers and their families.

Tim Hortons describes Cauca as an exceptional place, known for great-tasting coffee: “Located in the southwestern part of Colombia, Cauca offers the protection of three mountain ranges, perfect climate, high altitudes and rich volcanic soil to create the ideal conditions that bring you the distinct, exceptional taste of Three Peaks™ Colombian coffee.”


Last year, Dunkin’ Brands launched an 8-ounce (226-gram) package of roasted 100% Colombian coffee, described as “balanced and bright” and a delight for American palate, thus protecting and placing the Colombian coffee origin in a privileged position.

Visiting Colombia last December, Nigel Travis, the Dunkin’ Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins) CEO, recognized that sales of the brand’s 100% Colombian roasted coffee have performed very well and said that, in addition to selling it at their own restaurants, they plan to sell it in supermarkets.

In addition, the new differentiated offer by Tim Hortons with Café del Cauca is in tune with the recent campaign “The Bean Bang Theory,” launched this year in North America by Café de Colombia to encourage coffee consumption among younger consumers, highlighting the importance of origin.

The campaign targets such generational groups as millennials, taking into account that growth of coffee consumption for this group was the highest in 2014 (10%) compared to the other generational groups. This figure shows the importance they are already starting to have in the market and the need of the coffee brands to address them as the people who in the immediate future will be their clients.



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