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Café de Colombia & the 100% Program Potentiate Penetration of Social Networks

December, 2014


Café de Colombia & the 100% Program Potentiate Penetration of Social Networks

Taking advantage of the penetration power of new technologies and the familiarity of social networks, Café de Colombia is closer to final consumers and accompanies them from the origin to the cup.

Social Networks Strategy: 100% Colombian Coffee

In today’s market, saturation of information has made the consumer more selective when receiving advertising messages of any kind. This has led more personal spaces such as social networks to be an important resource when communicating. The 100% Colombian Coffee Program has entered this new channel with a strategy for the consumer to prefer this origin to any other, taking advantage of the spreading power of the major social networks to achieve it.

The strategy is already being implemented and has been successful on different platforms. On Facebook, for example, the Café de Colombia Worldwide page has about 49,000 followers and the number keeps growing. The purpose of the social networks strategy is to increase visibility of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program by using virtual channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter through posts, images and news related to the different stages through which coffee goes from the farm to become one of the 100% brands belonging to the program.

The content also focuses on strengthening the image of Café de Colombia as a premium product, due to its flavor, history and unique features. The strategy aims at getting social network users more interested and connected with the origin of their coffee cup.


The coffee origin in the networks

The line that guides the social networks strategy is to show consumers that their coffee preferences are linked to the origin. That is why the 100% Program designs and publishes contents accordingly, so that people with different degrees of knowledge about and interest in coffee find friendly information that explains, from the most basic to the most technical, the reason for exceptional characteristics of Colombian coffee.

Users of social networks can find coffee histories in each channel: from its origin –environmental characteristics of the place where it is grown, valuable people involved in the planting and production processes and the culture around the bean – to the cup, which allows appreciating its unique profile.

In social networks the 100% Program takes advantage of specific tools, such as the “hashtags” (used to link a post to a specific topic), which are present in such networks as Instagram and Twitter, and are very useful to increase word-of-mouth spreading of the coffee history.


A versatile content

The role of content in social networks varies and is designed to increase user interaction with the 100% brands. The main topic of posts is coffee origin, as mentioned above; however they also consistently mention the meaning of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program, the logo is exhibited in everyday situations, bringing it closer to consumers’ life, and content that promotes the Program brands is also posted. Therefore, the content strategy has a dual function: to serve as a means to engage consumers with the origin of Colombian coffee and to be an interactive bridge between the different social networks of the Program.

The latest of 100% Colombian Coffee on Facebook!

The next step of the 100% Program on social networks was recently completed. The “Café de Colombia in the world” or “Colombian Coffee Finder” applications are already available in English in the official Facebook “100% Colombian Coffee” and “Café de Colombia Worldwide” pages respectively. In those pages the users can locate the 100% brands that are present in the region where they are.

The app consists of an interactive map showing geographical location of the 100% Program brands, each with a specific space where products are displayed with pictures, a description of their features and a link that leads interested consumers to the brand’s page, where consumers can continue discovering each of the 100% brands.



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