No 30

100% Colombian Coffee Program

October, 2011


100% Colombian Coffee Program

One of the greatest ambitions of coffee producers in Colombia is to maintain the ability to offer consumers an exceptional and genuine product. We want our coffee to be distinguishable from other massive coffee products and blends that do not convey the efforts of the country’s over 500.000 coffee grower families.

The 100% Colombian Coffee Program has been designed for hundreds of coffee brands, that belong to the coffee roasters and brand owners worldwide. These people are able to join forces with Colombian producers and to bring consumers around the world an authentic product of high quality that is committed to sustainable and transparent values. The triangular Colombian Coffee Logo is more than a quality seal. It conveys to consumers the efforts of comprehensive sustainable programs associated with the Federation’s Sustainability that Matters programs.

In practice, the 100% Colombian Coffee Program is a partnership between coffee brands around the world and Colombian coffee growers represented by their Federation. The 100% Program is unique in the world for its size and communication depth. Program members agree to comply with ethical codes of conduct and to respect the origin of the Colombian Coffee. Under these conditions, they may use the Colombian Coffee Logo as a symbol of the joint interests and values of brand owners, producers and consumers: hard work, quality, the desire to do well and to bring a premium product to the market.

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