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100% Brands Get Closer to Consumers

September, 2014


100% Brands Get Closer to Consumers

New recognized brands of the global market join the 100% Program, confirming how important it is for market players to ensure origin of the product to their consumers.

In North America, Dunkin’ Donuts, the US multinational and one of main players in the continental market, recently launched to the market its 100% Colombian packaged coffee. Bean & Beyond welcomes it to the 100% Colombian Coffee Program.

The fact that a brand of such relevance launches to the market its new “Dunkin’ Donuts 100% Colombian” roasted packaged coffee represents an important recognition of importance of communicating quality and origin, in this case Colombian coffee origin, to consumers.

It is the brand’s first-ever single-origin packaged coffee. This new package of 8 ounces is described as “balanced and bright”, a delight for American palate, which protects and places the origin of Colombian coffee in a privileged position.

According to Jeff Miller, Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Innovation, the new package of Dunkin’ Donuts 100% Colombian Coffee is an important and exciting introduction for the brand’s guests, as it is one of the most prestigious origins in the world.


Georgia Emerald Mountain celebrates its 20th anniversary

Coca-Cola, one of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world of beverages, launches to the Japanese market the special edition for the celebration of its 20th anniversary, “Georgia Emerald Mountain Premium”, with 100% Colombian coffee beans of the highest quality.



In its promotion campaign, Coca-Cola Japan used advertisements with its characteristic sense of humor, conveying a clear message on superior quality of Colombian Coffee.

Campaigns celebrating tradition and quality of Colombian Coffee products recognize this origin as one of the most appetizing and prestigious in the world, and make consumers and the general industry aware of differentiation and the quality of the product.


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