No 11

Nariño, Cauca & Huila, regional Denominations of Origin delegated to the FNC

The measure is a recognition of soundness of coffee institutions to promote protection and implementation of Denominations of Origin for Café de Colombia, what in turn is part of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation’s value-added, differentiation and defense-of-the-origin strategy.

Nro 10

ExpoEspeciales 2013, an Ideal Space to Learn about Café de Colombia’s Specialty Coffees Supply

From general public to coffee experts, this event provides a unique opportunity to get familiarized with the whole value chain of Colombian coffee.

No 9

The Kona Case Shows the Importance of Respecting Trademarks and Denominations of Origin

With the strategies and instruments of origin protection that Café de Colombia counts on, a court case like that which happened to the producers from Kona, Hawaii, could hardly occur.

No 9

Café de Colombia, the First Foreign Protected Geographical Indication in Switzerland

For its quality of origin, Café de Colombia conquests every time more recognitions and legal instruments overseas for the promotion and protection of its reputation and unique qualities.

No 8

Café de Colombia is Present in Melbourne, Australia

Café de Colombia will be present at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, which takes place in May at this Australian city. Visitors will enjoy different specialty coffee preparations from Huila, Norte de Santander, Cauca and Colombia´s Coffee Cultural Landscape origins.

March, 2013

No 7

“El Niño” Leads to Forcast Better Coffee Harvest Levels

The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia      (IDEAM) predicted increases in temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, which predict the presence of the “El Nino” phenomenon in the Colombian coffee zone.

November, 2012

No 6

International Coffee Day, More Popular Every Day Around the World

Each year, every September 29th, this commemorative date is celebrated in honor of coffee. Many countries participate in the celebration and enjoyment of one of the most recognized and appreciated beverages in the world.

September, 2012

No 5

Professor Yarumo, 27 Years Supporting the Coffee Farmers Through the TV Screen

In our last edition, we shared the purpose of the Extension Service, one of the differential elements that add more value to Colombian coffee. 1500 agronomists visit the coffee producers, bringing them technology and good agricultural practices. This is part of the interview with Professor Yarumo (the symbol of the FNC´s Extension Service, whom we can constantly see on TV) published by Fresh Cup Magazine.

September, 2012

No 5

Arnulfo Leguizamo, the Man Who Auctioned his Coffee in USD$ 45.10/lb.

Also known to his friends as “don Arnulfo”, he is a small coffee grower from San Agustín, Huila, winner of the Cup of Excellence competition of 2011. At that time, he reached the highest price paid for a Colombian coffee in its history.  His product was rated by experts as “almost perfect” and had an amazing score of 94 out of 100 in the ACE scale. These high scores are rare in the world of coffee.

May, 2012

No 4

“My Story Shows the Ongoing Coffee Boom in China”

This was emphasized in the China Daily, by Zhao Hui, who has imported Colombian Specialty Coffee since 2000 for Horst Coffee, a business located in the Fengtai district of Beijing.

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