December, 2016

No 30

Fresh and innovative digital campaign is very well received in North America

As a sign of its success, 8 million video displays, over 35 million impressions, and 138,000 visits to the website www.greatnessisbrewing.com have been achieved.

October, 2016

No 29

Packaging Reflects Diversity and Unique Identity of Colombian Specialty Coffees

Within the wide range of specialty coffees offered by Colombia, packaging increasingly bets on beautiful differentiated designs that contribute to highlight identity and unique attributes of each coffee.

August, 2016

No 28

The Importance of the National Coffee Fund

The Colombian government recently signed with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) a new contract to manage, for ten more years, the National Coffee Fund (FoNC), which enables to finance public goods and services that have given Colombian coffee farming many of its competitive advantages.

No 27

The FNC CEO Promotes Café de Colombia in Japan

He met with trading houses, RTD coffee companies and major roasters. The Japanese business sector has received with great enthusiasm the FNC CEO’s leadership and experience in the Asian market.

No 26

ExpoEspeciales 2016: ‘Colombia, Land of Diversity’

The most important specialty coffee expo in Latin America and the Caribbean will be held from October 5 to 8, focusing on the great diversity of highly differentiated coffees with unique and exceptional attributes, that Colombia has to offer.

No 25

Colombian Coffee Growers Take Measures to Face El Niño

A measurement of impact on over 7,000 farms, the delivery of fertilizers for coffee plantations affected by drought and a pay that compensates for the higher content of lower-density beans are some measures adopted to help coffee farmers and their families.

No 24

FNC’s Leadership is Confirmed at OriGin

Having been elected as a member of the Executive Committee is another recognition of its good work and leadership in characterization, promotion and defense of Café de Colombia, for the benefit of the 100% brands and especially of coffee growers.

November, 2015

Ed 23

Premiumization of Freeze-Dried Coffee

In line with global trends, Colombian soluble coffees, made with highest-quality beans, offer an increasingly wider range of unique and differentiated experiences.

November, 2015

Ed 23

Café de Colombia, an Increasingly Better Protected Origin in Europe

The General Court of the European Union made it clear that protection of Geographical Indications or Denominations of Origin against conflicting trademark registrations is not limited to products of the same class (coffee), but it encompasses services such as restaurants and coffee shops.

No 22

South Korea’s Monthly Coffee Magazine Publicizes Regional Origins of Colombian Coffee

In a special serial coverage, the important South Korean publication devoted space in its March-to-August monthly editions to the regional origins of Cauca, Nariño, Huila, Coffee Cultural Landscape (PCC), Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Santander.

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