No 13

Nespresso, Starbucks & Suntory Launch Regional Coffee Editions

Important companies have included in their product portfolio different presentations of coffee coming from specific Colombian regions, confirming the trend of bringing consumers closer to the origin of products.

Photo: Starbucks web site.

No 12

Colombia to Host the Most Important Meeting on Science and Coffee in the World

The 25th International Conference on Coffee Science (ASIC 2014) will take place in the city of Armenia, in the department of Quindío, heart of the Coffee Cultural Landscape. For its importance, the event brings together not only scientists and specialists from all over the world, but key actors of the coffee industry interested in innovation, science and technology.

No 11

A Huila Coffee Grower is the Latest Cupper Champion

José Joaquín Ordóñez, 28, bets on coffee cup quality and recognizes that with his comprehensive vision he will be able to better characterize and offer his own coffee.

Nro 10

illy Launches its First 100% Café de Colombia Monoarabica Origin

The well-known Italian company launches, under its new product line illy Monoarabica™, the first reference with 100% Colombian Coffee Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

No 8

“Café del Huila” is now a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Obtaining this protection and recognition for agricultural products is a major achievement in legal and positioning terms. 100% Café de Colombia proudly presents to its members Café del Huila as a PGI.

November, 2012

No 6

Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape Brand, another Differentiation Element

We share with the members of the 100% Colombian Coffee Program the launching of the new Coffee Cultural Landscape Brand that identifies the coffee coming from 47 municipalities located at the center of our country, which are part of the Unesco world heritage list. Learn the meaning of each one of the elements that form it and the way in each one represents the exceptional qualities of this, globally unique, coffee region.

September, 2012

No 5

Why a Legal Strategy is Key for Protecting Café de Colombia?

Colombian coffee growers have established a wide network of protection through legal correspondents located around the world, who prevent that third parties take advantage of Café de Colombia’s reputation, misleading consumers with products from other origins.

May, 2012

No 4

Naora, the New Limited Edition of Nespresso’s 100% Colombian Coffee Capsules

Naora becomes the third edition of 100% Colombian coffee offered by Nespresso, with a vinous and wild fruits taste, resulting in a cup with notes of wild fruits blackcurrants and blueberries.

March, 2012

No 3

Cafés El Abra the First to Use 100% Degradable Capsules

Its products, among them Selessione Colombia and Colombia Supremo Pico Cristóbal, now have the BIODE certification for its packaging, which guarantees that capsule materials are eco-friendly and take only 839 days to totally decompose.

March, 2012

No 3

Colombia´s Coffee Cultural Landscape  (PCC), why is it Unique in the World?

UNESCO included the PCC in the list of World Heritage Site after evaluating a range of factors. With this nomination, it became the first live and productive coffee cultural landscape in the world to be included in UNESCO´s list. Get to know the reasons why its cultural legacy will be preserved for future generations from now on.

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