December, 2016

No 30

Cenicafé 1, new coffee variety developed in Colombia

Its short stature will enable high densities. The cup quality is described as very good and it classifies as specialty coffee. According to a cupping panel, it features notes of cocoa, honey and hazelnut.

October, 2016

No 29

ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2016 received over 13,800 visitors

As an exceptional specialty coffee showcase and meeting point between producers and buyers, it continues consolidating itself as the most important specialty coffee expo in Latin America and the Caribbean.

August, 2016

No 28

President of Coca-Cola Japan Travels to the Origin of Café de Colombia

The executive highlights the benefits of the partnership with the FNC, including the joint use of the brand Emerald Mountain, owned by the Colombian coffee growers, for canned ready-to-drink coffee that leads the Japanese market.

December, 2016

No 30

Carolina Castañeda, new Director of FNC B.V. in Europe, headquartered in Amsterdam

Carolina Castañeda has a B.Sc. in Physics, a B.A. in Economics, a minor in Mathematics, a minor in Finance and a master’s degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. In 2012 she received a master’s degree in Mathematics in Finance from New York University.

No 22

Michael Sheridan Recognizes Café de Colombia’s Strategic Social Capital

The coffee specialist of the NGO Catholic Relief Services (CRS) recognizes that commitment to quality and differentiation is a great contribution to the industry, and that the purchase guarantee is the envy of producers in other countries because of stability and transparency in coffee pricing.

No 21

Digital Campaign The Bean Bang Theory is Very Well Received in North America

The figures of impacts and visits to June 30 are very positive. The 100% Colombian Coffee Program’s campaign has helped remind American consumers about the importance of the origin of Colombian coffee and its relationship with its differential quality attributes.

No 20

Café del Cauca: the New Special Edition by Tim Hortons

The important chain Tim Hortons joins other major industry players in North America, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, which promote Café de Colombia and its regional origins through a product portfolio classified by origins.

Nro 18

Importance of a Good Coffee in the Workplace

Surveys and studies agree on the importance of coffee consumed in the office for good performance of workers.

No 16

Café de Santander, the Newest Café de Colombia’s Regional Geographical Indication

Appropriate characterization, promotion and defense of origin is one of the key strategies by Café de Colombia to differentiate and position its coffees in the most sophisticated and demanding markets that look for quality and variety.

No 15

100% Brands Get Closer to Consumers

New recognized brands of the global market join the 100% Program, confirming how important it is for market players to ensure origin of the product to their consumers.

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