No 21

Café de Colombia Develops Alternative Energy for a Sustainable Value Chain

Cenicafé, Café de Colombia’s scientific research and technological development arm, already generates electricity from coffee tree wood, a cutting-edge initiative that contributes to sustainability of the industry and of the planet itself.

No 20

Café de Colombia Makes New Sale of Carbon Credits

As part of its sustainability policies, these initiatives contribute to attract the attention of consumers concerned about the environment, thus strengthening the good environmental reputation of both Café de Colombia and its 100% brands in the market.

Nro 19

Coffee is Increasingly Relevant for Leading Players of the Beverage Segment

By mid-February it was known that The Coca-Cola Company, the leading drink manufacturer, rose from 12% to 16% its stake in Keurig Green Mountain, the manufacturer of the successful single-cup coffee brewers.

Nro 18

Colombian Coffee Production Recovery is Highlighted

In a recent article, the prestigious Financial Times newspaper highlights the recovery of Colombian Coffee production largely as a result of the ambitious program for coffee plantations renovation.

No 17

Brazil Recognizes Café de Colombia’s Work

Café de Colombia has done a great job in terms of protection, differentiation, marketing and promotion of its coffee to position it in the segments of higher value, experts from Brazil recognize.

No 16

Experts Highlight Geographical Indications as Models of Development

Café de Colombia’s strategy of protecting the origin by climbing in the value chain is aimed at generating higher income for the producing families.

No 15

Purchase Guarantee, a Global Reference of Transparent Trade

The purchase guarantee provided by Café de Colombia to farmers is not only the most important public service for Colombian coffee growers, but one of best examples of transparent trade in the world.

No 14

Why it is Important to Know the Coffee Genome

Knowledge of the coffee genome is a fundamental tool for development of plague-resistant varieties, climatically better adapted, to increase Café de Colombia production and productivity, among other benefits.

No 14

How El Niño & La Niña Affect Production of Café de Colombia

When these two weather phenomena occur, coffee production tends to vary. Café de Colombia has adopted measures to mitigate their effects and ensure a reliable supply to our customers

No 13

Café de Colombia Implements Leading Project for Biodiversity Conservation and Coffee Sustainability

Construction of conservation corridors together with sustainable production systems in coffee-growing zones is a model project in Colombia.

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