December, 2016

No 30

Café de Colombia bets on being 100% sustainable in 2027

Although the goal is ambitious, Café de Colombia has significantly advanced to manage to be 100% sustainable in 2027, as the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) plans for its 100th anniversary.

October, 2016

No 29

Women Play Leading Role in ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2016

Increasing participation of women in the coffee industry in Colombia, as the country advances in gender equity, has resulted in greater welfare for their families and communities.

August, 2016

No 28

Café de Colombia Launches New Ad Campaign in North America

By highlighting the idea that groundbreaking accomplishments are the result of many small steps, the campaign aims to raise awareness and demand for 100% Colombian coffee, especially among millennials and emerging coffee consumers.

No 27

Colombian Coffee Growers Traveled to the SCAA Expo

Colombian coffee farmers who took part in the last SCAA specialty coffee expo in the United States, one of the most important in the world and where Café de Colombia is always present, tell their experience briefly.

No 26

Japanese Buyers Graduate in Quality Control of Mild Coffees in Colombia

Seven buyers from top Japanese coffee companies attended the International Training Course for Specialists in Quality Control of Mild Coffees, organized by the FNC and Almacafé. Having visited three coffee farms in Huila also enabled them to get to know origin, from seed to cup, and confirm the great variety of regional coffees.

No 25

How is Price Transferred to Colombian Coffee Growers?

Domestic price of standard Colombian coffee depends on the behavior of three market variables: the price in the New York Stock Exchange, the Colombian coffee quality premium and the peso-dollar exchange rate.

No 24

Rediscovering Different Brewing Methods

With unique sensory experiences, the rediscovery of the different coffee brewing methods is revolutionizing sophisticated consumers’ habits. Affordable prices of equipment for these methods also contribute to their growing popularity.

November, 2015

Ed 23

Gender Equity, a Key Factor for Sustainability of the Coffee Sector

Experts from different countries agree that, because of generation and reinvestment of resources by women at home and on the farm, they are fundamental actors for sustainability of the coffee sector.

November, 2015

Ed 23

ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2015 Yields Great Results

With more than 13,000 domestic and international visitors, this specialty coffee expo consolidates as the most important in Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean. To further contribute to its internationalization, in future editions it will feature guest countries.

No 22

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a Regional Origin of Organic Essence

This origin has a pronounced aroma, high body, good bean size, low acidity and prominent notes of dark chocolate and toasted almonds. By ancient tradition, it is grown in harmony with nature.

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