Nro 10

Soluble Coffees, a Category with Room to Grow

The growing global demand, as well as the increasing value of exports and re-exports, opens up important opportunities in the soluble coffee segment for Café de Colombia.

No 9

Café de Colombia, Present in the American Consumer’s Mind

Consumption in the United States grew quickly between 2010 and 2012, with a strong presence of the single serve format. Colombia remains top-of-mind for consumers as a producer country.

No 8

Online Contents: A New Communication Tool for 100% Brands

Bean & Beyond releases the new Content Center: See What´s Behind Café de Colombia, strengthening the communication support for Colombian coffee 100% brands through original and specially designed content for digital channels. 

March, 2013

No 7

Café de Colombia Present in Major International Fairs.

In order to strengthen its position and recognition, Café de Colombia begins its world tour. Gastronomic culture, science, hotel and tourism, are some of the areas to include our flagship product as a way to provide health, consumer and satisfaction benefits.

November, 2012

No 6

Café de Colombia, Present on the Web to Support 100% Colombian Brands

In the last edition we wrote about the importance that social networks have taken in the daily lives of consumers and how they have influenced the marketing and communication strategies. This time we want to share the online initiatives featured by Café de Colombia and how they can be used by the 100% members and their brands.

September, 2012

No 5

How Can Social Media Contribute to Brand Positioning?

Social networks have stimulated a viral communication as never before, which has changed the shape and dynamics of interaction between consumers and brands. Get to know some useful tools and virtual spaces that Café de Colombia offers consumers and members of the 100% Program. 

May, 2012

No 4

China, an Interesting Growing Market for Coffee

In the last edition of Bean & Beyond  we mentioned that coffee consumption in 2011 grew significantly in two relatively new markets: China and Brazil. In this issue, we want to share with members of the 100% Program relevant and interesting data related to the Chinese market.

March, 2012

No 3

What is the Role of Private Label Brands in the Coffee Market?

With a constant growth rate of between 2005 y 2010, private label brands have gained an important portion in the world market, especially in Western Europe and North America. Bean & Beyond shares some thoughts on their impact taking into account the current economic context.

Photo: Demarco Coffee

December, 2011

No 2

Consumption of Gourmet Coffee Still Strong, a Trend Despite Economic Uncertainty

Studies ratify consumers’ continuous interest in buying this kind of gourmet beverages, even if it means cutting down on other household expenses.

October, 2011

No 1

How Americans Drink Coffee?

Although most consumers use the drip coffee maker to brew coffee, during 2011 there has been a considerable increase in demand for single serve machines.

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