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What Will the Future Consumer Be Like?

It is not easy to predict it. But paying attention to preferences of younger and most relevant consumers of our products gives us good clues as to how the industry will behave when these same consumers become adults.

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What Influences Consumer Buying Decision?

Authenticity of products, which involves originality, tradition, guarantee of origin and added value, is another trend that influences buying decisions of increasingly educated, curious and demanding consumers, who have more access to information thanks to the internet.

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Why Origin Matters?

In 2004, 48% of Americans were consuming coffee. Today, that figure has jump to 61%, meaning that approximately 195 million coffee cups are consumed daily.

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Coffee Consumption Tends towards Increasingly Personalized & Differentiated Experiences

Consumers are increasingly demanding for gourmet coffees and they also seek to replicate that experience at home; hence presentations such as a single-cup and online sales channels are also gaining strength.

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Specialty Coffee Shops are Stepping Up the Pace

Although sales in traditional cafés represent 75% of the world market for coffee consumed outside home, specialty coffee shops are growing at a much faster rate, even faster than the total of the food service industry.

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Café de Colombia, the Most Recognized Origin in the USA

Colombian coffee is the most recognized origin; 85% of population in the USA recognizes Colombia as a coffee-producing country. And even more important: of people recognizing it, around 96% says that it is a coffee of good flavor.

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100% Colombian Coffee Brands, in line with Ethical and Sustainable Mega-Trends

Café de Colombia and 100% brands have contributed to equity in distribution of land ownership in Colombia.

Photo: @joluisgarcia

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Consumption Sensations & Experiences around Coffee

A personalized and differentiated coffee, information on the origin, flavor, simplicity, product innovation and consumption satisfaction are some important variables coming into play in consumer’s purchase choices.

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Coffee or Tea? A Picture of World Consumption

An interesting market study shows a clear picture on consumption preferences for the two most popular hot drinks in the world.

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Millennials: an Important Segment for Coffee Consumption, Proexport says

Coffee is the favorite drink for a high percentage of Millennials, according to a survey by Euromonitor, what together with new consumption experiences offers important opportunity areas for Café de Colombia.

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