December, 2016

No 30

An increasingly global brand

Thanks to the FNC’s commercial work, Café de Colombia is present in the mind and taste of more and more consumers in different corners of the globe.

October, 2016

No 29

Millennials: a Driving Force of the Specialty Coffee Industry

Young people between 18 and 34 years old lead out-of-home consumption in the United States and consider themselves experts in food and coffee, which represents a great opportunity to educate them and invite them to origin.

August, 2016

No 28

How to Better Communicate the Value of a Colombian Coffee Brand to Millennials

A recent study, which summarizes a hierarchy of basic, enhanced and elevated needs, helps better understand Millennial specialty coffee consumers. And Café de Colombia is a great starting point and partner to continue positioning a coffee brand taking into account these needs in a holistic manner.

No 27

Taking Advantage of the Cold Brew Phenomenon with Café de Colombia

The diversity of Colombian coffee origins is an advantage in this new category of rapid growth, as experimenting with beans from our different coffee regions and their performance in cold brews represents an opportunity for a wide range of unique flavors.

No 26

US Consumers Confirm Relevance of Origin When Buying Coffee

Sophistication of coffee consumption in the United States confirms the leading role of origin in this decision. Meanwhile Colombia remains the most recognized and valued origin for American consumers.

No 25

What Do the Australian and New Zealand’s Coffee Markets Have to Offer?

A strong demand for high-quality coffees, sustainable attributes and overall a sophisticated and developed coffee market offer interesting opportunities for 100% Café de Colombia brands.

No 24

The Dynamic Coffee Culture in Russia

An important presence of local chains of specialist coffee shops is a peculiarity of this dynamic emerging market.

November, 2015

Ed 23

How Coffee Culture Has Evolved in Asia

Evolution towards products of high added value and differentiation in markets such as Japan and South Korea, and increasing popularity and sophistication of coffee in countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, have opened up great opportunities for Café de Colombia and its partnering brands of the 100% Program.

No 22

Latin America: an Increasingly Sophisticated Coffee Market

The long coffee tradition of some producing countries and the growing purchasing power of their populations help the demand for differentiated coffees, the sophistication of consumption and alternative brewing methods to grow steadily.

No 21

Why China Represents a Great Opportunity for Colombian coffee

The low penetration that coffee has had in this market traditionally dominated by tea is largely due to the fact that Chinese coffee shops did not sell quality beans, such as Colombian, what now contrasts with a rising purchasing power and an increasing number of educated and sophisticated consumers, says Wang Sen, manager of CC Coffee.

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