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Coffee Cultural Landscape is Seen as a Benchmark by the French Wine Region of Burgundy

“It became clear that creation of value out of a cultural landscape must benefit, above all, the local population,” says Krystel Lepresle, director of the Association for the Inscription of the Climats of Burgundy, the prestigious wine region in France, on the World Heritage List.

Nro 18

2015 Starts with Good News for Colombian Coffee

The satisfactory results of 2014 left a good starting point to begin this year with good news: Colombian coffee production and exports continue growing.

No 17

Café de Colombia Has Plotted its Roadmap for the Next 5 Years

In the LXXX National Coffee Growers Congress, the most important meeting and instance of decision of the Colombian coffee-growing guild, the new Strategic Plan 2015-2020 that will serve as a roadmap for the next five years was approved.

No 16

Coffee Growers Elections: a Symbol of Café de Colombia’s Soundness & Legitimacy

The recent guild elections reached a record turnout of 67.3%, which strengthens the democratic, representative, including and plural soundness of Café de Colombia institutions.

No 15

Coffee Growers Elections, a Symbol of Representativeness and Transparency

It is the largest electoral process for a non-governmental entity in Latin America; 26% of the electoral census is women, a figure that reflects importance of inclusion as an equality tool.

No 14

Work of Café de Colombia is Recognized Worldwide

Actions by Café de Colombia and its policies have attracted interest of media, which highlight the guild organization as a unique institution that must be appreciated and valued in its full dimension.

No 13

Harvesting the Added Value We Have Been Sowing

At moments when world production has been hit by droughts in Brazil and the rust outbreak in Central America, Café de Colombia harvests the fruit of transformation of its production structure and its consistent bet on quality, differentiation, added value and denominations of origin.

No 12

Leap in Productivity Makes Café de Colombia an Increasingly Sought-After Origin

2013 showed a significant leap in productivity. And at the beginning of 2014, several factors explain the rise in international coffee prices. Colombian producers show moderate optimism about these developments.

No 11

In the current situation of low prices, the Colombian coffee guild concluded its LXXIX National Congress more united than ever and convinced of continuing promotion of high-quality coffee, which differentiates it in markets, with consequent premiums to the producer. Advances in innovation also surfaced.

Nro 10

Mexico & Central America Seek to Replicate Colombia’s Efforts against Coffee Rust

Guild representatives, producers and authorities from different countries visited Colombia to exchange experiences on management of the plague that afflicts their coffee crops, and at the end of the trip they recognized the impressive progress of Café de Colombia on this front.

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