December, 2016

No 30

Colombia will host 1st World Coffee Producers Forum

The attendance of about 500 representatives of coffee-producing countries, as well as of relevant actors of the coffee industry in the United States, Canada, the EU, Great Britain, and Asia is expected.

October, 2016

No 29

Colombia: the Greatest Unexplored Specialty Coffee Frontier

In the latest edition of ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia, the FNC CEO highlighted that Colombia, since the 1960s, has been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry by betting on differentiation and single origin.

No 27

First “Colombia, Land of Diversity” Competition Will Recognize the Country’s Best Coffees

The awarding ceremony and auction will take place in Bogota from October 5 to 8, within the framework of the International Specialty Coffee Expo, ExpoEspeciales Café de Colombia 2016.

No 26

Manos al Agua Works on a Sustainable Coffee Farming Focused on Water Care

With an investment of 25 million euros over five years, this innovative initiative will contribute not only to sustainability and resilience of the Colombian coffee farming to climate variability, but to integrated management of water resources in 25 river basins of the country.

No 25

Quality and Differentiation, Key Factors in the Category of Specialty Coffees

Factors such as quality, differentiation, traceability and sustainability play an important role, but the first two are determining in a category in which sophisticated consumers demand above all unique sensorial experiences, for which Café de Colombia has a great diversity of profiles to offer.

No 24

Café de Colombia Works for Coffee Growers’ Profitability

Since the election of Roberto Vélez as the new Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) CEO, Colombian coffee growers have decidedly bet on improving their profitability, which in turn will contribute to sustainability of the entire sector.

November, 2015

Ed 23

Update on Regulations of Coffee Exports from Colombia

At its October15th meeting, the National Coffee Growers Committee, the governing body of Colombian coffee policies, authorized the export of beans of qualities different from Excelso (including those of lower quality known as “pasillas”, “segundas” or byproducts), in order to increase the producers’ income.

No 22

Café de Colombia, a Key Partner for Sustainability

Differentiation by cup quality linked to the origin and its commitment to sustainability, which has become almost a requirement in the coffee industry, make Café de Colombia the ideal partner for the value proposition of 100% brands.

No 21

How the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation CEO is Elected

Openness, suitability, transparency, democracy and impartiality are the principles that guide the process for election of Café de Colombia CEO.

No 20

The Importance of Added Value for Coffee Consumers

Café de Colombia is nowadays one of the leading actors in the segment of specialty coffees thanks to its efforts to generate value to consumers.

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